Paw_butter_balm_pic Pets - Natural Products - Paw Butter Balm
Grower: Bella Vista Farm
Price: $6.50 ( 1/2 ounce tube)
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Pets are people too! Does your dog's paws get dry and cracked, especially in the winter months? Their skin needs care just like we do. I created this soft balm for my doggies since we do long walks and hikes in the woods. The terrain can be rough on their feet but even if you don't go hiking, your pups feet need protection from the cold weather. To use: Just rub a small amount of the paws balm on your hands and massage into their pads of the feet. Yes you can rub it directly from the tube but...let's face it, doggie paws are not always nice and clean. :) Let it soak in before allowing your pup to jump on the furniture or the sofa as in what my dogs do. You can also use this on YOU too! It is unscented so no harmful fragrances for heir little sensitive noses!! The only scent you smell is the natural beeswax. Made with wildcrafted, homegrown and organically sourced herbs.