Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm

Website: www.highgardencenter.com

We grow herbs, microgreens, and a few vegetables and provide them to you as live plants so you get whole live food that you can eat within minutes of harvesting it.

We also create handcrafted cedar planters and pots for our produce. We have larger planters for the patio/deck/yard that contain 6 – 9 herbs. We make smaller pots for individual herbs, plants, or microgreens.

We use organic seeds and biodynamic farming practices, including using rain water to water the plants, compost to grow the plants, and no pesticides/bug sprays.

Customers generally buy the cedar windowsill and micro garden pots for their kitchen counter and then place the live herbs or microgreens in them so they have live produce at their fingertips. Once the herb/microgreen is spent, they purchase a $2 or $3 refill for the pot. We grow year round so that you have access to fresh, live herbs and microgreens that you can keep on the kitchen counter year round.

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