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This page contains news, event information, a copy of the weekly email and other items added by the market managers. Be sure and check back frequently. Thank you for supporting Lilburn Locally Grown.

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Market is Open

Greetings All:

Market Pickup this week was busy, busy, busy! Jennifer from Jen’s Pesto and her husband, Joe were our Farmers of the Week. They brought yummy samples to share and offered products for sale to those of us who forgot to order. I am all for “tasting”! Jen’s magic in blending spices and herbs in her pestos and hummus (hmmm what is the plural of hummus – hummuses??) make for some remarkable, delicious products. I discovered I really have an affinity for her Fresh Chimichurri! Tomorrow night I am grilling pork chops from Heritage Farm and topping with Chimichurri from Jen! I was dipping Doug’s carrots in it today!

Speaking of Doug, (Doug’s Garden) brought some additional Produce Boxes to sell from the Farmers’ Table and they flew out the door. Mary supplied people with some delicious recipes to ensure that you can utilize all the wonderful produce abounding in your boxes. Seriously, if you have any questions about what to do with all those nutritious greens – ask Mary! (Sometimes I have to ask: Uh, WHAT IS THIS?) She truly has a talent for putting together just the right combos of ingredients and spices and always creates fabulous dishes. She still hasn’t taught me to eat OKRA, but she swears she will! (The way I figure it, I have at least until mid-summer to think up a million excuses why I SHOULDN’T eat Okra!)

Dabrielle from My Daily Bread sent some yummy treats to be sold from the Farmers’ Table and they were also snatched up in a big hurry. Her Chocolate Zucchini Bread is ‘awesome’! Of course I think all of her bakery items are ‘the best’, but there are several that are my favorites! Since I am Gluten-free, I am unable to partake of some of her products; but once in a while will allow myself a small sample! Fortunately her Gluten Free Brownies are equally ‘awesome’! They truly are the BEST brownies I have ever eaten! I am able to eat items made with Spelt Flour and her Spelt Bread is so close in texture to “regular bread”, it is difficult to tell the difference. It is full of flavor with just a hint of nuttiness!

This week, Summer from Good Gracious Granola will be back with us offering her varieties of Granola! She has some great flavor combos!

I had the opportunity to meet with Greg Hutchins from The Heritage Farm this morning. He will be adding some lamb products to the Market tomorrow evening, so be sure and check those out! The Pork Chops from Heritage Farm are huge and flavorful! And the Breakfast Sausage is great. I get a package of the Hot and the Mild, squish it all together and make little patties! Great Breakfast! My favorite is a Frittata with eggs, onions, mushrooms, sausage, spinach and a little shredded cheese! Served with a cup of Vigilance coffee from The Roastin’ Fool and I am good to go!

Ricky from Back River Farm has joined the Market and he offers fresh veggies greens and arugula this week – huge bunches!

Welcome to Patti Parsons from Dances With Bees! She and her husband produce local and varietal honey and hive products. Patti also handcrafts natural bath and body products incorporating honey and beeswax. I am looking forward to trying their products and they come VERY highly recommended!

Lisa and Ben from Bo and Lisa’s Lil Patch are also newcomers this week! Welcome ya’ll! Duck eggs! They are great for baking! Also, Lisa has frozen blueberries that she put up last season. I’m thinking those would be great in a smoothie! They will also be offering honey – local, raw, un-processed! The good stuff!

Brennen and Gwendolyn from Phoenix Gardens will soon offer veggies and other goodies! Look for them this week or next!

Of course Johnston Family Farm brings us Raw Milk for Pets every week. Dudley-Do-Right, seriously that is my lab’s name – it used to be Dudley-Do-Wrong, but he grew up and is a well-behaved, much loved dog. He very generously allowed me some CREAMY milk, from which I made Butter – for Pet Consumption of course! He was very happy! (The sad part is – one time he stood up on his hind legs and grabbed a whole bowl of butter (freshly made) while I was downstairs changing out laundry!) He loves butter and bacon and soup bones!

Mary Beth, from Joyful Noise Acres Farm has let me know that chicken breasts will not be available until after processing in May. She does have: wings, leg quarters, small, whole roasting chickens and large ½ chickens available.

Mary and I are working on finding a commercial kitchen and/or space that she can teach Cheese Making and I can teach some hands-on classes on making fermented foods, butter making, kefir and kombucha drinks. If you know of a place, please tell us about it!

We appreciate your support! Please let us know what other products you would like to see offered through Heirloom Living Market. We will do our best to find a Farmer/Grower or Artisan in the local area to fulfill your wish list! We are currently looking for Raw Cheeses.

In addition to the items listed on the Market we will be announcing Group Buy opportunities for products that just are not available locally. Things like some pantry staples — flours and grains, legumes, sweeteners, nuts, and oils – we can purchase at a substantial savings utilizing Group Buys. We have paired with companies like Wilderness Family Naturals, Tropical Traditions, Natural News,, and Green Pasture (for fermented cod liver oil products). We are also investigating other companies that have organic products that we are unable to get locally. Please let us know if you have any preferences and we will contact the company. I will be sending out an email next week giving you the schedule of when we will offer the Group Buy Opportunities and include the price lists, instructions and order forms.

I know I have been ‘chatty”, yes, some call me verbose, but I wanted to catch you up on some of the good things happening in our Market! So, thanks for reading! Mary and I hope that you have a joy-filled Easter!

Now would be the time to hop on over to to check out all of the great products offered by our local Farmer/Growers and Artisans! See you Thursday between 4:30 and 7:30 at Gwinnett Gymnastics Center, 927 Killian Hill, in Lilburn! Happy Shopping!

Joyful thoughts and blessings!


Last Minute Orders??

Heirloom Living Market will close for this week at noon today.

Congratulations to Mary B and Becky C who were both winners of the $25.00 gift certificates for the last 2 weeks from Heirloom Living Market! Who will be the winner this week?

Summer from Good Gracious Granola is not at Market this week due to commitments that will keep her out of the kitchen. She will be back with us next week!

Our “Farmer of the Week” is Jen from Jennifer’s Pesto. It is important to get to know who grows/makes/produces the foods you eat and are feeding your family! Stop in to say hello and sample one of her delicious Hummus or Pesto creations!

Check out Doug’s Garden offerings for the Produce Box this week! If you want Kale, Arugula or Collards, Back River Farm has greens as separate items. Intimidated by all of those pesky greens that are really good for you? I am too! So, once again, Mary is going to rescue us and provide some delicious recipes!

What are you serving for Easter dinner? Tired of Ham? You might try either the Pork Shoulder Roast or the Boston Butt from Heritage Farm. Might be a nice change! David’s Vigilance Blend Coffee is the perfect way to wake up for Sunrise Service!

Going to relatives for dinner? Take a Hot Pepper Peach Log from My Daily Bread as a hostess gift or an appetizer! A loaf of Dark German Rye Bread would also be great with Ham or Pork!

Heritage Farm sold out of eggs, but Cara from Golden Farms has us covered! Eggs are a must if the Easter Bunny is stopping at your house for the little ones! No little ones? Deviled Eggs!

Spending a quiet day with only the 2 of you? Small Roasting Chicken from Joyful Noise Acres Farm would be perfect with some roasted veggies from Doug’s produce box.

I am ordering cream this week from Johnston Family Farm. It is frozen and GREAT for making butter! Need milk?

Be sure to get last minute orders in before NOON!!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at pickup!

~Maryanne and Mary

Last Minute Order??

Heirloom Living Market will close for this week at noon today.

Since I was gone last week and Maryanne totally forgot to draw a winner for the “$25 off-your-order” prize, this week we will pick 2 lucky customers!

I will also have some awesome recipes to share this week to help you in making wonderful meals from the fresh, local food you purchase from our Farmers!

Check out Doug’s Garden offerings for the Produce Box this week as well as delicious offerings from My Daily Bread, Goodness Gracious Granola and coffee from The Roastin’ Fool! Meats from Joyful Noise Acres Farm and Heritage Farm! Jen’s Pesto has Hummus too! Need milk?

Heritage Farm has sold out of eggs for this week; however we will have fresh, pastured eggs available at Market pickup!

Be sure to get last minute orders in before NOON!!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at pickup!


Market News and Updates

News Flash! Our* Facebook Page* is up! Please go to Heirloom Living Market and check it out! We would appreciate it, if while you are in the vicinity, you would click on the “Like” button and share our link with friends and family!

I am having my morning cup of Vigilance Blend coffee from The Roastin’ Fool as I write this post! It is a delightful way to wake up and start your morning! David has joined our Market Family and now, you too can experience a memorable, delicious cup of coffee! Look for his Vigilance Blend coffees on the Market!

This past week was very busy! Market Pickup last Thursday went well and everyone was glad to meet Bruce and Dabrielle from My Daily Bread. They brought wonderful treats for tasting and to sell! We met many new people and had fun! One of the absolutely BEST parts of being a Market Manager is meeting the new customers that have ordered – which is most everyone right now – and welcoming back people we already know! I am always excited to share new products that are available, get to know a little about you, get your feedback on the Market and what we can do to improve it from your perspective!

Mary will be back this week, so be sure to say “Hi” (and let her know how hard Betsy and I worked last week!) Also, please know that Mary is your “go-to-person” for meal ideas, what goes with what, spices to use to make dishes interesting and delicious! She truly has a talent for pairing foods that make your meals extra special! Mary, through her company, Patchwork Pastures offers wonderful organic spices and flavor-infused sea salts. Look for a couple of recipes in your Produce Box this week! Those will be from Mary to assist you in using all of the healthy, fresh veggies that Doug has harvested just for you in your Produce Box!

Mary Beth Sellars of Joyful Noise Acres Farm offers us free-range pork and chicken. I roasted a chicken from Joyful Noise on Sunday and it was succulent and very flavorful! Since this week will probably be our last ‘cold snap’, I am fairly certain the whole chicken I ordered this week is bound for the Soup Pot! Thank you, Mary Beth for joining our Market Family and providing us with such delicious meats!

Dena from Good Shepherd Herbals has joined our Heirloom Living Market Family. Her Herbal Tea Blends, Tinctures and Herbal Salves offer a natural alternative to chemical laden OTC’s and meds. Dena shared a jar of her Trauma Balm with me this past Saturday. I was having a particularly difficult bout with Sciatica. Alternating between applying therapeutic essential oils and Trauma Balm I was able to find relief and am symptom free today! (Read: I am NO longer in pain and once again a pleasant person to be around! I thank you Dena)
Check out what Dena has to offer on the Market and know that very soon, she will be at Market pickup to share her knowledge! If you have questions about products, you can reach Dena at

I was invited to a “Meet The Farmers” event sponsored by Certified Naturally Grown this past Sunday at* Phoenix Gardens *in Lawrenceville. Brennan and Gwendolyn Washington have created a 2.5 acre sustainable nirvana of gardens. They also have laying hens and are raising meat birds! It was amazing to see the creative way they have interspersed sustainable agriculture in their space! I have invited them to become a Produce Grower for the Market and hope they will be joining us very soon with their great produce and eggs.

I was also fortunate enough to speak with VIcky and Steve Fry from* Fry Farm* in Bethlehem, GA. Their 20 plus years of growing great veggies and fruits have earned them an excellent reputation in the community. Such nice people! I have also invited them to provide produce to us and am looking forward to hearing from them soon and welcoming them into our growing Market Family!

The Weston A. Price Conference which I attended this past Saturday was an excellent opportunity to learn more about fermented foods, organ meats, making nitrate free bacon, making fish stew and other useful information. It was also a time to connect with old friends, meet some new people and make contact with additional vendors. I will be writing about it soon!

I warned you all last week that I can be verbose -but I had lots of news to share! One last IMPORTANT item – If you are NEW to grass-fed meats, this link contains vital information for you! We want you to enjoy your healthy choice of grass-fed meat and you will find out exactly how by reading this document! Get the document here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the news and my musings! The Market is open for ordering until Wednesday at Noon. Now, if you haven’t ordered your goodies for the week, hop on over to the market and shop!

Joyful thoughts and blessings,


The Market is Open

Greetings All:

Since I will not be here to open the Market tomorrow afternoon, we are now OPEN! I am attending a Weston A Price Foundation Conference tomorrow at Rancho Alegre Farm and I am so excited. Lots of great speakers, a Farmers’ Panel, demonstrations on making Bone Broth, Fermenting Foods, Sprouting grains plus local Farmers offering their local, fresh, organic and nutrient-dense products!

I will check back in later this weekend and give you any updates on vendors, new products and perhaps report on my experience with Kohlrabi!
This week, be sure and check out the organic, free trade coffee, roasted right here in Lilburn! The Roastin’ Fool’s Vigilance Roast is superb; just the right balance of flavor with a wonderful creamy finish! I won’t drink any other coffee — try it and you will understand my enthusiasm!

I had a GREAT breakfast this morning and every single product was purchased at Market: Vigilance Coffee from The Roastin’ Fool, milk in my coffee from Johnston Family Farm, a fritatta made with eggs and Hot Breakfast Sausage from Heritage Farm, onions, broccolini and spinach from Doug’s Garden Produce Box, a slice of Spelt toast with a dollop of Blackberry Jam from My Daily Bread! We are so blessed to have such wonderfully fresh food available to us from local Farmers/Growers and Artisans!

The Heirloom Living Market Facebook page has been created and is a work in progress! Please “like” us! And share the website with your friends and family! Thank you for supporting us and the local economy!

Mary sends her best from a vineyard somewhere in California! You will see her at Market on Thursday! It will be good to have her back!

Please hop on over to the Market and see what yummy items you would like to pickup on Thursday!

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy weekend!

Joyful thoughts,


Great Market Yesterday

Greetings all:

What a GREAT Market pickup we had yesterday! Thank you to all for supporting Heirloom Living Market through Lilburn Locally Grown! We are here to serve the community and love meeting and getting to know you!

Dabrielle and Bruce Wills from My Daily Bread Whole Grains Bakery joined us as “Farmers of the Week”! We had a GREAT time meeting new folks and sharing the absolutely fabulous treats, baked by Dabrielle with love and care and brought to share. I had ordered some Gluten Free Brownies that are the best brownies I have ever had! Who would have guessed that GF Brownies could taste so delicious? I also ordered some Spelt bread that, although is not strictly ‘wheat free’ is tolerable to my system — and boy am I glad I did! It is fabulous. These folks and their wonderful products are ‘top of the line’ and I cannot wait for them to return as Farmer of the Week so everyone can meet this dynamic duo that really do ’care enough to BAKE the very best"! Thank you Bruce and Dabrielle! When Market opens, please be sure and check out their wonderful offerings! We are so happy that My Daily Bread has become a part of our Heirloom Living Market Family!

A special thanks to Betsy Blankenship who worked tirelessly to set-up the Market display and help run the Market yesterday. She is a local Artisan — talented and very creative! Check her re-purposed Mason Jars — the Rosemary Candle Jar and the Peppermint Dishwashing Soap in jelly jars are so practical and make a nice addition to any kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, Betsy’s REAL job is actually designing the perfect, practical, all-you’ve-ever-dreamed-of kitchen! You can email her at or call her at 678.468.8126 – Her company name is — Max’d Out Kitchen Design!

Market will open in the morning! Have a happy Friday!

Joyful thoughts,


Last Minute Order??

Heirloom Living Market will close for this week at noon today.

Don’t forget one lucky customer will win $25 off their order…and there will be yummy product samples and prizes!!
Be sure to get last minute orders in before NOON!!

The Market is Open for Ordering

Greetings All!

Thank you to all the Growers and Customers who participated in the Grand Opening of Heirloom Living Market last week! We were happy to get to meet you all and look forward to seeing you again and again!

Mary proclaimed this Grand Opening Month! Congratulations to Margaret M who won the grand prize last week and received her order for free! Some lucky Customer will win again this week and $25.00 will be deducted from their order!

We are having some technical “glitches” with the appearance of the Weblog, so please bear with us! It may not be pretty, but has good information!

I am working on a informative Blog to send later tonight or in the morning which will go into more detail about each of our new Growers, tidbits from our First Week of Market and a few " did-you -knows", but for now let me welcome:

Doug from Doug’s Wild Alaska Salmon
Dabrielle from My Daily Bread Whole Grain Bakery
Sergio from Sausage World
Jennifer from Jennifer’s Pesto

Please be sure and check out all of the new offerings these great Growers/Producers have available at this week’s Market!

The Featured Grower/Producer this week is Dabrielle from My Daily Bread. She will be at Market this week to meet people and rumor has it she will have treats to share. Her yummy breads, muffins, cookies are made with all organic products and a lot of love. They also offer Gluten Free items which I will be checking out for sure!
The jams and jellies offered by My Daily Bread are scrumptious — why not order a jar to go with a fabulous loaf of whole wheat bread! Be sure and stop by to say “Welcome” to Dabrielle!

I look forward to seeing you all at Market on Thursday. Miss Mary is vacationing with family and will be back next week! Pickup is at Gwinnett Gymnastics Center, 927 Killian Hill Rd., Lilburn 30047. Thank you to Dan and Joyce Thaxton for allowing us to utilize space for Market pickup!
Wishing you all a wonderful week — hop on over to the Market and check out all of our Growers great offerings — Happy Shopping!

Joyful thoughts,


Last minute orders??

Heirloom Living Market will close for this week at noon today.

Don’t forget one lucky customer will win their order free…and there will be upcoming product samples and prizes!!

Be sure to get last minute orders in before noon!!

Test Weblog

This is a test of Weblog! We are still working on some software issues but correcting them one by one!

Hope you all are having a good weekend!

Stay warm!